Embrace Technology

We feel very fortunate that as a company we have embraced technology.

As one of the more tenured members of our Silversand Services team, I have seen quite an evolution of the electronic devices available over the past 25 years

“My first method of communicating back to my home office years ago, was a Motorola “Phone in a Bag”. It probably weighed 4 pounds and was almost as large as my gym bag I carry with me today.”

Each morning now, I head out with an incredible toolkit. I utilize an I-pad throughout the entire day. The I-pad is used for taking quick photos, reading plans, and producing estimates within our database application. The I-pad also communicates with Irrigation controllers that are web driven throughout the City, to make changes and monitor their settings. There have also been no problems participating in a seamless conference call while out in the field, utilizing a cell phone for voice and the I-pad for any documents being discussed in the meeting.

I keep a separate camera which also contains a wireless modem if I need higher quality photos for design or documentation. I can move those photos over to an application, called “skitch” to make any notations needed. From that “app” I can immediately send a detailed photo to a client or our production team, with red-lines and notations.

“I love this “Leading Edge “commitment we have been fortunate to become a part of. Our customers and Team members all deserve quick and accurate responses.

I am also very proud to watch our industry (an arena where you might least expect technology) stay postured for growth and maturity to this degree!”

John Murphy, LEED AP (Vice-President Specialty Services)

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