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Maintaining Your Landscape In Hot Weather Conditions

Maintaining Your Landscape In Hot Weather Conditions:

So far, this is an interesting season for growing turfgrass and keeping plant material healthy.  We glided into summer with lots of 80 degree afternoons and rain showers came more incrementally and routinely than we can remember.

Now the heat and the dry conditions are hitting and plants are in stress.

Some of the things you can do:

  • Stay with your planned fertility program.
  • Pull some soil samples to test for nutrient deficiencies.
  • Watch for weeds to crop up and quickly identify for proper treatment.
  • Watch for insects and disease on both turf and ornamentals.
  • If choosing seasonal color, pick a variety that can withstand this kind of temperature. Define your planting areas as sun or shade before selections are made.
  • Keep your bed areas mulched with a high quality mulch or compost.
  • Do not overwater.  Water deep and let the areas dry out a bit between watering days (particularly turf areas).  You want the roots searching downward for cool moisture.
  • Check for inadequacies in your irrigation system.  Problems may surface due to wear or adjustments needed. Have those areas evaluated.

Using these tips and being pro-active can help to preserve your landscape investment.

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